The aim of the Venture School program is to create a professional community of investors around Sector X Acceleration Platform. Structured theoretical part of the program also gets complemented by plenty of case studies, in-person communication with leading early stage investors, active business angels and representatives of the venture capital funds from Europe and Ukraine. The program equals extensive practical learning. The trial investment into the chosen startups is obligatory for students of the program.


28 05 19


Day 1
May 28
12.00 PM
  • Review of the course       
  • The history of the venture capital market in the world and Ukraine
  • The theory of the venture investments
  • The key principles of work of the early stage investors (business angels, seed funds, accelerators)
Day 2
June 1
12.00 PM
  • Strategy of the investment portfolio creation and management
  • Assessment and selection of the companies for investments, due diligence
  • Intellectual property regulations and legal aspects of structuring of the venture capital deals
Day 3
June 4
12.00 PM
  • Typical risks and mistakes of the venture capitalists
  • The role of accelerator in the ecosystem
Day 4
June 8
12.00 PM
  • Review of the most demanded streams for investment
  • Homework – to choose and analyze projects for investment
Day 5
June 11
12.00 PM
  • Homework check


  • Form a strategy of investment portfolio management.
  • Choose a revenue strategy in a venture capital market.
  • Analyze key risks.
  • Use key analysis metrics for the tech business.
  • Form the exit strategy from the company and co-investment.
  • Identify the value of tech companies at different stages.
  • Structure venture capital deals by conditions and jurisdictions.


Marvin Liao
500 startups

Andrew Verbitsky

Andrei Komarovski

Stakh Vozniak


2 900 USD - tuition price

7 000 USD - trial investments in the startups (in exchange for equity)


20 hours of theory and practice;

Access to the Sector X Acceleration Platform’s startups;

Invitations to private events by Sector X;

Invitations to venture capital events in Europe at the partners’ price;

Participation in the program of co-investing with Sector X;

Coffee breaks.


Who is doing the program?

The program is run by the Sector X Acceleration Platform’s team and invited practitioners of venture capital market such as business angels and representatives of the early stage venture capital funds.

How many students will participate in the program?

For maximization of participants’ experience and their interaction with the school’s team and speakers, the size of the course is limited to just 10 students.

How do I know that the program is what I need?

If you are: - Interested in venture capital investments - Interested in startups in general and would like to participate in their lives - Have $20K+ per year for investments - Prepared for smart risks and not just for bank deposits or refinance Then welcome to the club.

What is the course language?

It depends on a speaker. Anyway, there will be two working languages - Russian and English. For sessions carried out in English there will be a translator present

How do I pay?

According to the contract terms that we sign with each student.

What will $7K of trial investments be spent on?

You are investing this sum into one of startups from the current acceleration program of Sector X. The point is to practice and understand the process of startup selection, portfolio formation, deal formalization and investing itself. Theory without practice in venture capital, like in any other area, just doesn’t make any sense.

Where will the program take place?

In at Sector X Acceleration Platform’ facilities, on Saturdays and Sundays.

I’ve heard that there are no startups in Ukraine.

There are enough startups. Maybe not that many of really good ones, but there are some at least. Besides, it is essential to understand that as a potential early stage investor, you are not limited to Ukraine. You can use the knowledge obtained during the program almost everywhere.



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