Traction map of a B2B startup

It’s a map of a startup’s progress from zero stage to the moment when a startup transforms into business.

The map below describes a development of a B2B startup, where a pilot or first sale to a client is a proof of solution.

The aim of the traction map for an accelerator is to understand and to determine the startups’ stage.

The aim for startups is to assess consciously their stage and to focus their efforts respectively.

For other startups, for instance, those that work on B2C market, where a sale to a client would be a product verification, or the one that uses a freemium model, traction maps will be a bit different. Not drastically different, but just a bit.

What is important while working with a map?

Don’t skip the stages.
Don’t lie to yourself. What I mean by that is that you should track the quality of the documents and results, and don’t flag any stage as done if you are not completely satisfied with the result.
There are separate templates of documents attached to each stage of the map at the accelerator, that help assess the accomplished result. It makes sense for you to draft your own check-lists. For example, at the stage of the market determination, the result would be an understanding that we work on the big market which we can effectively enter. Your criteria of completion can be absolutely different.

You can view the map by following this link – (RUS)