B2B vs. B2C startups

To be honest, I haven’t met a lot of people who intentionally choose between these two streams. Usually, it’s an organic process. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to make that choice, that’s why it is useful to understand where your chances to succeed are higher.

Who’s doing successful b2b startups?

In most cases, we’re talking about people of the age of 35+ (or even 40+) who’d been working in a particular industry for a couple of years. They have good industrial networking and solve very concrete problems in this industry.

Who’s doing successful b2c startups?

My impression is that these are young guys who are doing a project for their social group or even for themselves. Why young? Probably because only youth is more inclined to experiment with new products. There is also a higher virility among youngsters since there are stronger social links and communities. That is why there is no industrial focus among youth yet.

Thus, in most cases, there is no intentional choice between b2b and b2c startups in fact.

If you’re a student, alumna, or a young professional, it’s going to be really hard to make a successful b2b startup. Have you heard a lot about successful b2b startups sold by 20-ish years old folks? Even if something pops up in your mind, it’ll be in that situation when the exception proves the rule. You don’t have an understanding of a problem yet, people don’t take you seriously, which means that it’s going to be tough to do any meaningful customer development. You also don’t understand the decision-making process and how the industry works. Besides, it will be hard to find a tech team as well.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try, indeed. But it’s much better to do that by understanding the field you’re playing in.