Free and paid programs to learn basics in tech entrepreneurship, fundraising and sales from experienced mentors.
Industrial tracks with corporations are year-long programs that Sector X makes together with large companies from various industries. Companies share their expertise with startups, launch pilots and become clients of startups. Sector X always has several active tracks in different industries.
The track's corporate partner is the Foxtrot retail chain, one of the largest retail chains in Ukraine in terms of the number of stores and sales of electronics and home appliances.
The track's corporate partner is the French company L'Oréal, which is the world leader in the perfume and cosmetics market with a turnover of more than 25 billion euros.
The corporate partner of the track is Farmak, since 2010 the leader of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine and the largest exporter of medicines.
The corporate partner of the track - Ukrtelecom - is a leader among fixed internet providers in Ukraine. It has millions of users, thousands of B2B clients, as well as government agencies.
The corporate partner of the track is British American Tobacco, one of the world leaders in the tobacco market: a business with a history of 118 years with a scale of activity in 180 countries on 6 continents.
Regular meetings with the corporate partner of the track in order to launch the pilot; Acceleration program for the period of stay on the track; Access to Sector X events; Access to the Sector X alumni community.
Startups with a good idea who want to test it with a corporate partner OR, if the idea turns out to be non-working - to find a new one together with a partner; Startups with a product that can be piloted (as is, or after making changes to market realities and track partner requirements) and sold to a track partner; Startups with sales and existing customers who want to get a track partner.
The corporate partner of the track does not see the possibility of launching a pilot or the possibility of cooperation in another format; The founders of the startup do not attend events and do not work on the acceleration program; The startup is not showing the necessary progress.
1. Application on the site
2. Initial evaluation of the application by the Sector X team 3. Interview with the Sector X team
4. Selection of the application by the partner of a track
It is important for us that our partners and startups succeed. It can be pilots, sales, investments, anything. But you need to start with the pilot.
Startups receive a proven for many years acceleration program in the format of self-education. If you work on it - the amazing results will come.
We do not take equity or money (yet) within the corporate tracks. And that's why the selection for tracks is especially strict. We advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully.
We provide access to our cool 3-month acceleration program to any Ukrainian startup at any stage of development. This is the best opportunity to understand what to do with your project and where and how to move forward. In addition, we measure the progress of each startup in the program, and if we see the result & traction - then we introduce you to investors.
Acceleration program in the format of self-study
The program consists of a detailed roadmap of the startup with all the materials to study. The program uses elements of the world's best programs, such as the Founder Institute, 500 startups and YCombinator, as well as our own, more than 10 years of experience.
Hub consultations
and activities
You will have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat / in person to the Hub team and mentors. It is very important to be able to ask a question and get a professional answer when you need it. In addition, the Hub conducts educational activities, to which you will also have access.
Opportunity to attract investments
Hub's partners include both business angels and professional venture funds from Ukraine, Europe and the United States. Startups that show good results in Hub receive individual recommendations and meetings with relevant investors.
Duration of the program. All materials remain with you even after the accelerator is completed.
Participation in the program is free for all startup founders. We also do not take a share, except in the case specified in the case. Read.
We only charge a 4% stake or money under the contract for participation if your startup attracts investment within 6 months of the program.
For startups that are preparing to raise their first pre-seed or seed-round and avoid mistakes.
A cool three-month program for startups.
Fundraising 101
For startups with products that apply in the US market, but do not understand how to start, what is right and wrong and how to start US sales with a low budget.
1 month practical course with US Sales professional
First sales in US
For startups, who want to have a quiding mentors at the very beginning. Or those who are tired of nailing a product, they have spent a lot of money and may even have received some investment but are not satisfied with the results.
3 month practical course with US Sales professional
Total Insight Superprogram
At what stage can startups participate in the program?
If you have a team, an idea and any prototype. Sales or customers are not required.
We have been working on our startup for some time.
Is free online acceleration suitable for us?
Online acceleration is suitable for all teams that have not yet left the startup stage. At the same time we recommend to pay attention to our other programs - Industrial tracks, Preparation for investments and others. Other programs may suit you better.
What will the startup get as a result of the program?
As founders, you:
1. You will understand how to properly develop your startup and how to work by iterative process.
2. Improve startup performance (business model, customers, conversions, sales)
3. Pump skills (in marketing, analytics, planning, goal setting, etc.)
4. Understand when it makes sense to attract investment
I am the only founder in the startup. Can I enter the program?
Yes, you can apply, but we recommend finding a co-founder who balances the skill set. For example, if you are a strong developer, you should think about adding someone with experience in business, sales or marketing. And vice versa.
And if we need workplaces?
You can take workplaces in UNIT Co-working ( ) or NEST ( ). Just apply via link.
I did not understand the program is free?
The program is free, at the beginning Sector X does not take a share or money in the startup. However, if your startup manages to attract investment during the program or within 6 months after graduation, Sector X takes a small share in the startup or money (of your choice). By the way, if we see the progress of the startup, we will help you attract investment.
Once again, what share or how much money should
be paid if we still attract investment?
4% stake or $ 7,000. Only if the startup attracts funding during the program or within 6 months after the end of the program.
How much time do you need to devote to the program?
This is your startup, you decide for yourself. We recommend that you build your work plan so that you achieve significant results each week, so its at least 2-3 hours a week.
Can I come and talk in person?
Of course! We love to meet new founders and teams, support the ecosystem
of entrepreneurs. Contact us and we will arrange a time to visit.
When can we expect a response to the application?
In 2-3 working days you ll be invited for an interview.
Why was our team denied participation in the program?
The accelerator team reserves the right to refuse to participate in the program. The reasons may be different. For example, you do not have a startup or you have too early a stage (there is only an idea and nothing more), etc. We also reserve the right NOT to NAME the reason for the refusal, because its our personal opinion or corporate partners opinion and we do not want to demotivate entrepreneurs with it. You can always ask for more feedback!
What to do if the team is not from Ukraine?
Teams from different countries can take part. Just keep in mind that before you start participating in the program you will need to sign a contract. It can be done remotely, as well as the whole program participation or study courses.
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